bossDMS for SharePoint connects Microsoft applications to archive solutions

Smart integration of Microsoft SharePoint and Teams with bossDMS

Many of our ERP customers have used the audit-proof document management solution bossDMS in conjunction with their ERP solution for a number of years, and value what it can do. Since the advent of the digital workplace, more and more SMEs have come to us with a need to integrate Microsoft Office applications such as SharePoint and Teams with the legally compliant and audit-proof bossDMS. And with good reason: one result of the rapid technological developments in recent years is that documents such as orders, acceptance protocols and management or board reports are now generated in collaboration solutions. It’s a time-consuming process for all these documents to reach the central archive, if they get there at all. That’s where our bossDMS Connector comes in. It ensures that documents from different Microsoft applications are archived centrally – it’s simple, quick, audit-proof and, above all, automatic.

bossDMS for SharePoint – in perfect harmony with Microsoft programs

Boss Info offers a smart solution for all businesses facing stricter requirements for legally compliant archiving and looking to work in their familiar Microsoft 365 or SharePoint environment. The bossDMS Connector integrates entire SharePoint online libraries with the archive solution, which has several benefits. For example, entire folders mapped in Microsoft Teams can be moved to bossDMS after a project is completed – and if they’re needed again later on, the documents can be retrieved and made available in Teams in a matter of moments. That means the Teams repository is always up to date, clean and easy to navigate. Once installed, the solution stores data in a clear and organized way in the background, without disturbing Office users. That’s a key benefit, especially for documents from HR, management, the board of directors, etc. And the cherry on the cake is the option for an approval process that automatically stores documents in the archive based on certain criteria.

Mapping the SharePoint metadata with the bossDMS metadata enables automated archiving of documents to suit your needs.
Mapping the SharePoint metadata with the bossDMS metadata enables automated archiving of documents to suit your needs.

Benefits of central archiving at a glance

More scope for in-house developments 

In-house developments for Valo

We’re often contacted by customers with similar requirements that can’t be covered by the out-of-the-box features of Valo or SharePoint Online. In order to meet these needs, we have developed generic, flexible concepts and solutions which can be integrated into any intranet solution with minimal effort – with or without Valo as a basis. They include:

The “WIKI”, “QMS” and “Product Management” modules are designed so that they can be configured by customers themselves without requiring any development of their own. The basis for this is the use of metadata, which in turn is defined in the terminology memory of SharePoint Online. Together with the customer, Boss Info defines the desired structure at the start of the project and trains the subsequent editors and superusers with the aim that they can expand the solution independently later on. This way, we can ensure collaboration solutions are perfectly tailored to businesses.

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