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Use valuable information with intelligent email management

With our email management solution, you can manage and archive your emails automatically in an audit-proof manner and make them available for your business processes.


Automatic and secure email archiving

Legally compliant email management is becoming increasingly complex for companies. With our solution, you can manage and archive your emails automatically in an audit-proof manner and make their contents available for your business processes. All archived emails and attachments remain unchanged and completely available, even after many years. This gives you access to your business-relevant emails at all times from anywhere, allowing you to find valuable information at any time.

Email quotas remove important information from your business. Users are affected in their work, your IT loses its performance level and becomes inefficient as a result.

Our email management and archiving solution makes email quotas a thing of the past. 

You can also carry your entire mailbox with you at all times, regardless of its size. This gives you complete access to all your emails and attachments on your mobile device at any time within seconds. Share archived emails with business partners and colleagues, regardless of the email application or end device they have. There has never been more flexibility!

Webinar «Email archiving with increased performance»

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Video insight: Email archiving in a legally compliant and audit-proof manner

Uses and advantages of our solution

Seamless integration in Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 (including hybrid environments) and IBM Notes support

Intuitive working in the familiar Office environment

Rule-based and audit-proof archiving that meets all compliance requirements

Archiving can be performed manually or via freely definable rules

High-performance and comprehensive research, including full-text search in emails and their attachments

Access at all times from anywhere to all your emails

Emails can be integrated into digital business processes and workflows

Thanks to integrated single instancing, identical attachments are only stored once

Significant relief of email servers and increase in IT performance

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