QMS and processes with SharePoint Online and Valo Intranet
QMS and processes with SharePoint Online and Valo Intranet

More scope for in-house developments 

In-house developments for Valo

We’re often contacted by customers with similar requirements that can’t be covered by the out-of-the-box features of Valo or SharePoint Online. In order to meet these needs, we have developed generic, flexible concepts and solutions which can be integrated into any intranet solution with minimal effort – with or without Valo as a basis. They include:

The “WIKI”, “QMS” and “Product Management” modules are designed so that they can be configured by customers themselves without requiring any development of their own. The basis for this is the use of metadata, which in turn is defined in the terminology memory of SharePoint Online. Together with the customer, Boss Info defines the desired structure at the start of the project and trains the subsequent editors and superusers with the aim that they can expand the solution independently later on. This way, we can ensure collaboration solutions are perfectly tailored to businesses.

QMS and processes with SharePoint Online and Valo Intranet

With the Boss Info quality management solution and process mapping, our customers get a toolbox which they can use to produce specification documents such as regulations, instructions, templates and other documents in a Document Center. Simple or multi-step approval processes enable a review before publication.

This solution ensures that finding several versions of the same document in different storage locations is a thing of the past.

The individual processes are always mapped in the same manner and are displayed dynamically (see screenshot of process detail). Metadata about the processes, documents such as regulations and instructions, and other links can be added without having to edit the process page. The layout and metadata for a process detail page are defined on a customer-specific basis.

In addition to the pure Boss Info solution, which is configured with the process web part developed for this purpose and “out-of-the-box” resources, we have also integrated process management tools (BPM) such as Signavio into the QMS solution.

Screenshots of Valo QMS Processes

About the Valo product

Innovative Valo solutions

Numerous customers are already enhancing their digital workplace with Valo solutions designed by Boss Info – for more effective everyday work. As an integrated platform for SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams, Valo already offers a range of innovative out-of-the-box features in the following areas:

Valo Intranet

Company portal with news, events, marketplace, people search, birthday web part, Valo search and much more.

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Learn more

Valo Teamwork

Collaboration with Microsoft Teams, team creation with templates, integration of Microsoft Teams overviews on the intranet, setting and monitoring governance policies, etc.

Learn more
Learn more

Valo Connect

Brings the intranet to Microsoft Teams, and to mobile devices as a result

Learn more
Learn more
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