If, for once, you don’t know what to do – we’re here to help. Our Service Desk staff will be happy to assist you with any questions that may arise about our products and services. Contact us immediately if you need help:

We look forward to talking to you: Our specialists will be happy to help, whether it’s about improving your existing ICT infrastructure or optimizing your procedures and processes.

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+41 844 844 120

Available: Monday–Friday 7:00–12:00 and 13:00–17:00

+41 62 917 00 00

Available: Monday–Friday 08:30–11:30 / 13:30–17:00 (Friday until 16:00)

+41 62 917 00 00

Available: Monday–Friday 08:30–11:30 / 13:30–17:00 (Friday until 16:00)

+41 41 922 28 28

Available: Monday–Friday 8:00–17:00

+41 41 729 62 21

Available: Monday–Friday 8:00–12:00 and 13:00–17:00

+41 62 886 50 30

Available: Monday–Friday 8:00–12:00 and 13:30–17:00 (Friday until 16:00)

+41 31 958 00 06

Available: Monday–Friday 8:00–12:00 and 13:00–17:00

You will find various forms of assistance, contact details and setup support for our bossZoll app on the following website:

App support and Help page (DE)

+41 31 850 16 40

Available: Monday–Friday 7:30–12:00 and 13:00–17:00


Expenses for support services are billed via ongoing maintenance contracts (SLA, Service Level Agreement) or according to expenditure on the basis of the generally applicable hourly rates. If you have not yet concluded a maintenance contract for your company with Boss Info, obtain non-binding advice and benefit from discounted support rates.

Remote maintenance

We can give you quick and effective support directly on your PC or Mac by means of remote maintenance. Simply call our Support on +41 844 844 120 and download the TeamViewer remote maintenance software. You will then be asked by our Support to provide your personal code for remote control by phone. We will then be ready to assist you with troubleshooting.


IT infrastructures require constant monitoring and maintenance to ensure security and functionality. The regular maintenance windows and the associated service downtimes are scheduled at an early stage: Customers with maintenance contracts are always given the maintenance schedule for the next 12 months at the start of the year. That’s another reason to get advice on our maintenance services.

And why not subscribe to our Boss Info System tweets? From then on, you’ll be kept up to date at all times about current events in your IT environment and about status messages relating to our cloud products.

Customer service portal Help Desk with support ticket system

You can enter support requests and incidents around the clock (24/7) via our modern ticket system. The Customer service portal gives you an overview of the current status and progress of your support requests.

We will be happy to give you access to the Customer service portal. Please contact our Service Desk / Support.

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Boss Info Service Desk Team
Our team: Irene Ledermann, Markus Fiechter, Gerald Schubardt, Nadine Stampfli, Tamara Schmid, Johanna Winkelmann, Herbert Gabriel und Petra Scheidegger