Process modeling replaces process programming

Automated process management – bossBPM for optimizing business processes

bossBPM (Business Process Management) is your perfect introduction to process management. For example, start with an invoice approval process and expand the solution flexibly according to your needs. At your own pace!

You decide whether the solution templates we provide are suitable or whether custom workflows are best for you.

bossBPM is independent of your ERP, so it can be used anywhere. It’s your way to get started with automation.


Advantages and uses of BPM

  • You gain transparency, optimize processes, reduce costs and simplify routine work.
  • All legal requirements are met
  • Reduced administrative costs thanks to automation
  • Traceability of the process flows
  • Optimization of business processes
  • Reduced sources of errors
  • Mapping of company-specific processes using SOA (service-oriented architecture)
  • Tailored control processes (ICS)
  • Audit-supporting processes
  • Elimination of incorrect manipulation
  • Time and cost measurement of administrative processes
  • Rapid implementation of new legal requirements

Applications for BPM

bossBPM is an intelligent process management solution that helps you save costs now and prepares you for the future. The potential applications are endless:

  • ICS audit-proof control processes
  • Incoming mail processing
  • Invoice receipt processing
  • Application processing (e.g., credit, leasing)
  • Contract management
  • Help Desk applications
  • Procurement management
  • HR processes (e.g., access, qualification)
  • Approval and licensing procedures
  • Quality management
  • Sales optimization
  • Delivery note processing
  • Event management

… and many others.

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