From the wallet via registration to purchasing the tokens

Instructions for Purchasing Boss Info AG Tokens

The information on this page is not an investment recommendation, as any investment in shares is subject to business risks. You may lose up to 100% of the value of the invested capital.

Follow these steps to purchase Boss Info tokens with the Ethereum (ETH) currency using the MetaMask wallet:

1. Installing the wallet

Follow these steps to set up your secure wallet:

  • Open source MetaMask identity safe
  • Install MetaMask for Chrome
  • Create a (new) wallet
  • Create a password, accept the terms of use
  • Show the secret backup key and keep it safe
  • Confirm the backup key (click on order)
  • Account opens, account details: change name
  • The personal wallet address can be copied (e.g. for sending/receiving tokens)

Your ETHER wallet is set up. We need the next step in order for the Boss tokens to become visible.

2. Adding Boss tokens to the wallet

Follow these steps to make Boss Info Tokens visible in the wallet

  • Query the contract address in the directory
  • Search for Boss Info AG (BOSS) tokens
  • Copy the token contract address for BOSS: :
  • Add the token back to MetaMask
  • Insert custom token and contract address
  • Add the token and it will then be visible in the wallet

3. Registering in the Brokerbot

Follow these steps to register in the Brokerbot and purchase tokens:

  • Register in the Brokerbot
  • Connect to a wallet: MetaMask
  • Select your own wallet
  • Link becomes visible, select Register
  • Sign / Confirm identity
  • Registration is complete
  • Confirm e-mail address via opt-in
  • Boss Info confirms the new registration and identity in the background

An e-mail notification will then confirm that you have been added to the allow list, so now you can purchase/trade token

4. Purchasing tokens

Follow these steps to purchase Boss Info AG tokens:

  • Select Brokerbot buy share
  • Anzahl Boss Info AG (Token) wählen
  • connect to a wallet: MetaMask
  • Link becomes visible 
  • Confirmation: I understand that all holders of BOSS tokens are bound by the Token Terms.
  • If necessary, enter e-mail address, make payment

We wish you every success with your investment and would like to thank you very much. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Yours, Simon Boss

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