From the workstation to the cloud

Hardware solutions with high availability

Boss Info offers hardware solutions for every application. Boss Info specialists install and configure desktop PCs, workstations and notebooks, as well as servers, networks, firewalls and secure connections for field personnel to the company network. Using server clusters to secure business-critical applications ensures any failures are immediately countervailed.

The tools and modules from Columbus Systems Management make it as easy as possible for SMEs to support their systems, applications and hardware landscape over their entire lifetime – and they have the peace of mind of knowing that specialists are in the background throughout the entire IT lifecycle. That means the infrastructure is always up to date – for increased security and an optimum return on investment (ROI).

Citrix solutions allow SMEs to use low-maintenance, secure and full-performance applications that run in a data center or on their own servers. A simple, well-connected computer is all it takes. The bossCloud offers even more: unlimited mobility, maximum scalability and optimum security when accessing company data at a lower cost. SMEs only pay for the infrastructure services they actually use.

Everything is from a single source, with only one contact and customer manager – in addition to classic on-site and on-premise services, Boss Info also offers outsourcing solutions in the cloud.

As a system partner and independent cloud provider, we are happy to help you evaluate the right solution for your company: Costs, security, efficiency and transparency are key criteria. You decide where your data are located – whether it’s in Switzerland and/or in the EU.

We will happily support your IT environment. Whether it’s desktops, tablets, smartphones or printers – expert support and maintenance are our goal.

Ask our hardware specialists

Ueli Boss

Executive Board, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Deputy CEO), Head of D365 BC

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