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The workplace of the future

Modern Workplace with Microsoft 365 and networking bossIT services is our scalable solution for the workplace of the future. Thanks to intelligent technologies, bossWorkplace creates simple and flexible teamwork based on Microsoft Modern Workplace methods and tools. Digitalizing the workplace improves work, productivity, collaboration and security regardless of location.

Boss Info accompanies and assists your SME throughout the digitalization process and expertly links the requirements of users and the IT infrastructure with bossWorkplace.

bossWorkplace is your flexible managed workplace with only one contact.


Some of the advantages and uses of the managed workplace

  • Based on Microsoft Modern Workplace methods and tools
  • Uses the latest technologies to enable easier collaboration
  • Significant improvements in mobility, productivity, collaboration and security
  • Flexible scaling of the number of bossWorkplaces in your company
  • Optimally connects applications and infrastructure with Microsoft 365 tools and proven bossIT services

Why bossWorkplace is ideal for your SME

bossWorkplace offers a range of applications at fixed and predictable costs. In most cases, it does not require any new devices and, thanks to Azure Active Directory technology, it’s perfect for integration into public cloud services (even outside of Microsoft solutions).

Our Workplace solution has the optimum flexibility to adapt to your infrastructure and can be used both as a standalone and a hybrid with existing virtual desktop environments.

In addition, the Workplace significantly increases the security of your company-wide ICT. And features such as state-of-the-art malware protection including ATP (Advanced Threat Protection), disk encryption and groundbreaking identity protection features (MFA, AI) ensure a high level of protection at multiple levels.

Basic structure and concept of bossWorkplace

The 4 most important applications of the digital workplace


bossWorkplace creates fewer dependencies and increases the overall mobility of your SME. In principle, anyone can work from anywhere, as long as an Internet connection is available.


bossWorkplace always provides the latest versions of tools. Simple sharing of information as well as direct communication channels increase the productivity of the entire company.


Collaboration with colleagues and people inside and outside your organization becomes much simpler thanks to tools such as Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive. And of course, all company-wide security and compliance requirements are met.


bossWorkplace protects your staff from online attacks when working, no matter whether they’re working in the office, from home or on the go. Intelligent technologies continuously check employees’ accounts, and immediate steps can be taken automatically in the event of suspected cases or deviations from normal work behavior. bossWorkplace offers security thanks to state-of-the-art encryption and remote wipe. Security is also guaranteed in the event of loss or theft of a single Workplace in your company.

Some of the core functions of bossWorkplace

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Additional modules (add-ons) and partial solutions

Our comprehensive range of solutions covers all your needs. bossWorkplace features can be expanded with add-ons or combined and integrated with other solutions from our product range.

Digital workplace infrastructure

Digital workplace solutions for SMEs combine Microsoft 365 features with Office services to create an ideal overall service package. The corresponding support services are offered either as a cloud or as a server service.

Digital Workplace ICT
Digital Workplace ICT

Valo Digital Workplace

The innovative intranet portal for the digital workplace: The integrated collaboration portal solution for company news, document management, digital project work and team messaging will become the central communication hub for the digital workplace.

Digital Workplace Valo
Digital Workplace Valo

ICT cloud services

Private, public, or hybrid: More and more SMEs are entrusting their data and applications to external data center service providers. Business applications are obtained on a subscription basis as Software as a Service (SaaS). The operation and processing of data is carried out securely and from anywhere with any end device.



The bossDMS document management system enables professional document management and gives you legally compliant, audit-proof electronic archiving of commercial documents in your ERP system itself. Thanks to the increase in the degree of automation of the workflow, you gain valuable time for your core business.


Maintenance (bossITS)

Your ICT infrastructure is in good hands with the specialists at bossinfo.ch AG. Boss IT Services (bossITS) give SMEs full control and transparency over the system maintenance of their ICT infrastructure. And they get all this at fixed costs that can be calculated and budgeted.

Maintenance (bossITS, DE)
Maintenance (bossITS, DE)

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The workplace solution for your industry

The workplace solution for your industry

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