Exciting projects and inspiring team culture

Working at Boss Info means one thing in particular: exciting projects with lots of personal responsibility and creative freedom, and an inspiring team culture.

At our company, you are our focus. We cater to you and your needs and create an environment where it’s fun to work. In doing so, we promote your skills individually and specifically, give you professional support and, under certain circumstances, offer financial support for suitable further training. You can expect a dynamic, open-minded and motivated team with whom you will deliver exciting and challenging projects. Together, we create overall business solutions that inspire us and our customers and support them in their daily work.

Video insights and testimonials

Working at Boss Info – You have what it takes to be a boss!

Learn firsthand what it means to be a boss and why our staff feel comfortable in our team.

Alexandra’s testimonial

What does it mean to you to be a boss? Why do you enjoy working at Boss Info?

… Alexandra Schnyder talks about her everyday work life.

Ebrar’s testimonial

What does it mean to you to be a boss? Why do you enjoy working at Boss Info?

… Ebrar Dauti lets you look over his shoulder

Florian’s testimonial

What does it mean to you to be a boss? Why do you enjoy working at Boss Info?

… Florian Ryser talks about his work.

Our values, our culture

We aim for fair, long-term business relationships and want our services to leave nothing to be desired in terms of quality:

With every order, we set ourselves the goal of providing exceptional first-rate services and products with proven quality. Knowledge and experience play an important role in this goal: We are constantly educating ourselves, proving our strategic partnerships with periodic recertifications and demonstrating our high qualifications to our customers on a daily basis.

We do business by being open and honest, and by having fair practices and ambitious visions and goals.

We aim for a long-term, solid partnership with our customers, suppliers and employees – which will also lay the foundation for trust and security. Only as long-term partners can we, as a company, acquire comprehensive knowledge and internalize our partners’ mindset and processes.

We are always committed to our goals. The work we do every day reflects this commitment, from meeting deadlines to delivering high quality. It is a mandatory prerequisite for fair and correct treatment – both among employees and also towards customers and suppliers. The commitment we aim for goes hand in hand with consistency, perseverance and steadfastness and helps us live up to our assurances in projects and in terms of quality.

Your benefits

Your benefits

Your well-being and satisfaction are very important to us. In addition, we offer you numerous benefits, such as participation in the annual subscription for fitness/sports, free drinks (coffee, tea, mineral water) and free parking. Even in difficult times, we will support you – if you are hospitalized due to an accident during your employment at Boss Info, you will enjoy privileged treatment as a private patient.

Our vacancies

You too can become a boss. Apply for one of the diverse vacancies.

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