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A modern intranet platform fulfills the requirements for communication, information and collaboration. Our range of solutions covers all the needs of the various target groups, while also optimizing efficiency in your business.

Employee acceptance is key to success. Our solutions address the needs of the individual by focusing on the employees’ requirements and activities.

Process optimization, employee engagement, collaboration in projects, quality management and integrated approval processes – in the digital workplace, these and many other functions are available in standardized form and are easy to use.

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CEO and Company Director Intranet + Collaboration

Hans Furrer, CEO and Company Director

For Hans, an effective intranet solution is a crucial aspect of managing a modern business with strong marketing. Seamless internal communication, internal and external collaboration, and overall process optimization are the management goals for the intranet platform.

User-friendliness, intuitive design, customizability and flexibility, and the ability to adapt the intranet to the company’s specific requirements are important criteria for him. The solution used must fit into the existing tool landscape, be established, be available as a cloud service and be subject to continuous further development. Mobile working must be supported throughout. Access from anywhere must be guaranteed, subject always to security measures.

As a specialist in Microsoft 365 solutions and SharePoint Online intranet platforms, Boss Info offers the CEO and company management an established solution. The experienced consultants bring in-depth expertise around intranet, collaboration, QMS, knowledge platforms and process automation and ensure that the desired optimizations are achieved.

Persona Head of Communication Intranet + Collaboration

Sonja Studer, Head of Communication

As Head of Corporate Communications, Sonja is responsible for developing and implementing the company’s overall communications strategy. She oversees internal and external communication channels, including social media, press releases, website content and events. Sonja strives to boost the company’s visibility and reputation through clear, coherent and authentic communication. She also aims to continuously explore innovative approaches to corporate communications. Sonja presents the company in a positive light and creates a lasting connection with stakeholders.

With our intranet solutions based on SharePoint Online and Viva, we are the experts to successfully deliver Sonja’s goals. If Sonja is the head of communications at a larger company with many frontline workers without their own desktop workstation, we rely on our partnership with Ahead.

Persona Head of IT Intranet + Collaboration

Michael Weibel, Head of IT

As the Head of the IT department, your intranet solution has to meet a range of communication needs. An intranet is an important platform for internal communication and collaboration within a company. You need an effective way to share important information, announcements, updates, and changes within the IT department or across the whole company. The intranet allows you to quickly communicate news, memos, policies and other relevant content to employees, in a targeted manner. A self-help portal will provide targeted technical support and training materials. Michael’s dream is that AI and bot solutions will help him handle the mountain of inquiries, relieving his staff of routine tasks.

With an intranet solution based on Microsoft SharePoint Online, Michael has all the capabilities of the M365 platform at his disposal, from ensuring that phishing training is provided, to sharing critical information, including an audit trail. With the Microsoft Azure AI Framework, Michael has access to the latest AI technologies and can optimize his support.

Persona Head of HR Intranet + Collaboration

Katharina Stuber, Head of HR

For Katharina, everything revolves around a company’s most important asset: its employees. Employee directories, organizational charts and quick access to personnel and expense regulations are key

In-company training, online courses and video training are important tools for employees in their continuous development, as is ongoing assessment, which takes the form of 360-degree feedback.

In order to survive in the war of talents as a small and medium-sized enterprise, Katharina needs modern tools with gamification capabilities. She wants to ensure that the ideas of Gen Y and Gen Alpha can be harnessed within the company.

The platform supports her to meet data protection requirements during the recruitment process, can be easily connected to HR expert systems and digitally maps onboarding and the mutation process.

An M365 intranet in combination with VIVA services supports HR with its everyday work. The platform offers everything that young employees expect from a modern tool landscape and fulfills the legal requirements of the FADP and GDPR.

Persona Quality Manager Intranet + Collaboration

Thomas Hardmann, Quality Manager

Thomas is responsible for quality management and aims to make the company ICS and ISO compliant. The extensive process tools are too expensive for him to purchase and maintain. The favored solution should integrate easily and seamlessly into the existing Microsoft landscape.

For Thomas, it is important that the administration of QM documents such as quality guidelines, process instructions, work instructions and forms can be properly managed. These are to be made available to employees centrally in the respective process step. Versioning, a multi-stage approval process, automatic conversion to PDF and template management are absolute must-haves for him.

With feedback loops and other options, he wants to ensure continuous improvement across all processes.

The interface should be intuitive for process owners and users, with the ability to adapt and scale as needs change.

Our QMS solution is based on SharePoint Online and offers everything a medium-sized company needs, including an audit trail. Discover the benefits of the Boss Info QMS solution.

Persona Project Manager Intranet + Collaboration

Lynn Marti, Project Manager

Lynn is one of our company’s most experienced project managers. She ensures that all project managers work according to our project methodology and that standard procedures are followed when handling projects.

The processes and automated features built into the new intranet solution should ensure a uniform approach and simplify reporting. Efficient use of project planning, tracking, reporting and communication tools is a must. At present, project rooms are manually allocated but, in future, this will be done automatically.

One challenge Lynn faces is that virtually all projects involve cross-functional work, often with outside participation. Because of this, the solution must ensure that security regulations are adhered to and that the data remains with us. At the same time, the integration of external project staff is now to be made possible through the specialist department without IT support. Lynn must also comply with governance regulations and be able to archive relevant documents at the end of the project, in keeping with specifications.

Solutions2Share’s Teams and SharePoint Online Management solution provides Lynn with a streamlined and effective tool to automate allocation based on specifications, manage guest users, and safeguard the lifecycle process.

Lynn benefits from our experience when digitizing project processes with the Power Platform (PowerBI, Flow, Power App) and Azure Functions

Five compelling reasons to choose SharePoint Online

Collaboration and communication

A central portal and one point of contact for all employees. Work and project spaces, internal and external collaboration, taking into account compliance and safety regulations. All as standard and with seamless integration into the Office tools used on a daily basis.

Social intranet

Content can be linked to interactions, which encourages exchange and strengthens identification with the company. The easy integration of external social platforms (LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) helps to spread communication and ensures that employees are well-informed.

Based on Microsoft 365 and SharePoint

Microsoft’s leading platform offers perfect integration of all Microsoft Online Services. From automating processes with the Power Platform and performing evaluations with Power BI to displaying information content in Teams with Viva Connections – take advantage of the extensive options provided by a platform that is continually evolving.

Personalization and customization

The solution can be easily adapted to your needs. Branding and design guidelines are easily integrated. Employees can compile their content according to their personal needs or it can be delivered according to target group specifications, boosting efficiency and ensuring that information is shared according to need.

Data protection and data security

Microsoft complies with all current data protection and data security regulations and requirements of Swiss, European and international law. When there are specific requirements in regulated environments, such as for institutions subject to FINMA regulations, our experts know which licensing and technical setups will satisfy the requirements.

Workshop Collaboration Digital Workplace

Workshop Collaboration Digital Workplace

In a compact workshop, we jointly develop a proof of concept (PoC) of your new individual Digital Workplace. As a result, a test environment based on your CI/CD is available to you and your employees.

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Other business solution

Boss Info’s comprehensive range of solutions covers all your needs. Partial solutions can be ideally combined to optimize your business processes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central deckt die wichtigsten Anforderungen bereits im Standard ab. Ergänzt durch branchenspezifische Lösungen und Zusatzmodule erhalten unsere Kunden zudem genau jene Funktionen, die sie für den Geschäftserfolg benötigen – ohne unnötige Komplexität, in höchster Qualität und mit modernster Benutzeroberfläche.

MS D365 BC
MS D365 BC


bossERP ist die moderne Schweizer Software für Ihre Mac- oder Windowsumgebung. Die komplett integrierte Lösung ist modular aufgebaut, so dass Sie Umfang und Funktionen bedürfnisgerecht wählen und ausbauen können. Ergänzt durch branchenspezifische Lösungen und Zusatzmodule erhalten Sie zudem genau jene Funktionen, die Sie für den Geschäftserfolg benötigen.


ICT Cloud Services

Nebst klassischen Vor-Ort- und On-Premise-Services umfasst unser Angebot natürlich auch Cloud-Lösungen. Ein Webbrowser und ein schneller, sicherer Internetanschluss und Sie sind bereit für die Infrastruktur der Zukunft.


ICT Infrastruktur

Von der Arbeitsstation bis zur Cloud: Boss Info bietet Hardwarelösungen für jeden Einsatzbereich. Alles aus einer Hand, mit nur einem Ansprechpartner und Verantwortlichen.

ICT Infrastruktur
ICT Infrastruktur

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