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Fully integrated and high-performance ERP software suite

Oracle JD Edwards offers an advanced, high-performance, fully integrated ERP and CRM software suite with over 80 application modules. Oracle’s JD Edwards software addresses the need for a modern and simple user experience. While our personalized applications are tailored to the way your users work, the integration of digital technology increases the productivity of your employees and makes your company’s business processes smarter, faster and more successful. Continuously developed since 1977, Oracle JD Edwards runs either on premises or in a private, public or hybrid cloud.


JD Edwards EnterpriseOne products and applications

Whether for the consumer goods and manufacturing industry, the project and service sector or other resource-intensive industries, the wide range of products and applications of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne offers solutions and support in the following areas (and more):

  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Financial management
  • Human capital management
  • Project management
  • Order management
  • Manufacturing management
  • Real estate and home construction
  • Agribusiness
  • Customer relationship management
  • Apparel/attribute management
  • Environmental health and safety
  • Supply chain execution (logistics)
  • Supply management (procurement)
  • Tools and technology
  • One View reporting
  • Cloud
  • UX One
  • Mobile platform and solutions
  • Internet of Things

The main advantages of Oracle JD Edwards

JD Edwards E1 (Enterprise One) von Oracle is an integrated international application suite of comprehensive enterprise resource planning software. The combination of business value, standards-based technology and in-depth industry experience results in a business solution that delivers value for your organization with a low total cost of ownership.

As a strategic ERP solution from Oracle, JD Edwards is constantly being further developed, updated and expanded with new modules. Ongoing updates based on the current JD Edwards release E1 9.2 have been standard since 2017, and these can be carried out if required (ESU = electronic software updates). So release changes are not necessary for customers until 2030.

  • Lowest TCO for large companies and corporations
  • Comprehensive industry solutions that boost growth
  • Ready for use in validated environments
  • Open and easy to integrate into customer and supplier environments
  • Promotes digitalization and improves customer results
  • Personalization: the ERP adapts to the way users work
  • Simplified business processes to optimize resource and operating costs
  • Transparency through central data storage, integrated BI and reporting

5 reasons to choose JD Edwards

With more than 80 application modules, end-user reporting and personalization capabilities, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne combines business value, standards-based technology and comprehensive industry functionality in an enterprise solution that transforms your business.

In addition to the wide range of integrated mobile applications, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne uses Oracle’s mobile platform to accelerate business transactions and provide a complete enterprise mobile solution to expand existing mobile applications – from creation to delivery.


Internationally scalable

28 languages, 180 currencies and 120+ tax-supported countries establish JD Edwards as the standard solution for achieving growth goals worldwide. The consistent multi-client capability enables consolidated planning, transparency and segmentation.

Fully integrated

The CRM and ERP are based on a database instance and a common repository for flexible and dynamic mapping of the company and factory structure. The integrated API framework and workflow engine directly involve customers and suppliers for maximum automation, efficiency and transparency in customer retention.

Modular and customized

Tailored to SME needs. From over 80 modules, you can license only what you need for efficient operation to automate business processes, and you have the flexibility to expand new business areas.

User-friendly – it grows as you grow

JD Edwards offers a high-performance, intuitive and dashboard-driven user interface for 100 or more than 10,000 users. Standard programs can be adapted to meet the needs of your employees without any programming.

Customer-specific at its core

Stand out from your competitors: make customer-specific adjustments to the core processes of the application without losing release capability. Orchestrate processes for minimum operating costs and maximum customer satisfaction to boost your market share.

The complete business solution – JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Full Speed EnterpriseOne is a complete business solution that opens up the future for your company. We have poured all our experience over 20 years of implementing processes in various industries into the Full Speed EnterpriseOne package.

  1. All-in-one architecture – from the hardware to the user interface. In addition to ERP, it also includes CRM, SCM, MDM and BI and covers all industries and needs.
  2. All required business processes are based on a single database and are delivered fully integrated and pre-tested, including preconfigured forms (e.g. invoices including ISR payment slip) and evaluations for Switzerland and the EU (e.g. Intrastat reporting). You only have to activate the options you need and can change your selection at any time.
  3. Risks, costs and the time required for implementation are minimal. Since it is also a cloud solution, the operating expenses for Full Speed EnterpriseOne are unbeatably low.

Additional modules (add-ons)

Benefit from market-proven solutions. Oracle Value Add-On Solutions give our customers useful solutions that have already been successfully introduced at other companies and offer effective added value. We’re happy to advise you on your current challenges – with no obligation.

Value Add-on Solution Capacity Planning

By default, JD Edwards only provides capacity planning on work center and work center group level. A multi-level capacity or multi-site capacity planning is not configurable. With the Oracle Value Add-on solution capacity planning module, holistic capacity planning can be carried out down to the branch level.

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Value Add-on Solution Customs Integration

The Oracle Add-on Solution Customs Integration enables the processing and evaluation of all customs-relevant transaction data. As part of the core processes of internationally active companies, it is integrated into the ERP system. The Oracle Value Add-on Solution is already in use at German companies and has so far been able to fulfil every requirement from customs audits and inspections.

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Value Add-on Scanner Application

Without scanners, in-house warehouse transactions are delayed, and stock transfers from optimization or stocktaking aren't documented in real-time. This leads to inaccurate inventory levels, as work order and sales order consumptions are often recorded retrospectively. The Oracle Value Add-on Solution Scanner Application addresses this by providing scanners to select employees and workstations, enabling real-time execution and documentation of stock transactions for accurate inventory management.

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Value Add-on Job Driver

Oracle's Value Add-on Solution Job Driver minimizes traffic on batch servers by initiating scheduled reports only when necessary. This solution optimizes JD Edwards EnterpriseOne's report processing, efficiently handling transaction data updates and table maintenance. Users can customize time windows, processing modes, and report scheduling, ensuring a streamlined and resource-efficient operation.

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Value Add-on GPS Tracking

Oracle Value Add-on Solution GPS Tracking is tailor-made for companies that operate their own fleet of vehicles or leased fleet for freight transportation, using more than 20 vehicles. This solution provides real-time GPS tracking of all vehicles on worldwide maps. It allows the creation of individual geofences and automatic notifications when specified limits are exceeded. It also enables the assignment of customer orders to specific vehicles and simplifies the monitoring of deliveries using geofencing or GPS data.

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Value Add-on Resource Center

The Oracle Value Add-on Solution JDE Resource Center allows for the sharing of files with various stakeholders, including employees, developers, and consultants. This platform facilitates the exchange and accessibility of files, enabling efficient knowledge management at the point of need.

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Value Add-on Excel Add-In

The Oracle Value Add-on Solution, with its Excel Add-in and IoT Orchestrator Studio integration, streamlines data import from Excel to JDE. It enables efficient management of configurations using Configuration Manager, reducing time-consuming manual transfers to just a few minutes. Additionally, users can save and reuse templates for recurring data transfers.

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Value Add-on Item Cockpit

In JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, managing new items and existing master data across multiple programs can be complex and time-consuming for data managers. The Oracle Value Add-on Solution, Item Cockpit, streamlines this process by centralizing all relevant master data into a single program. It also offers the flexibility to customize and control workflows for adding new items, simplifying the entire process.

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Value Add-on Solution Archiving

The Oracle Value Add-on Solution seamlessly integrates electronic document archiving within JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. It automatically associates system-generated reports with relevant orders or transactions, accessible as PDFs anytime. Additionally, it allows easy inclusion of documents from external systems, linking them to the relevant records. Users can conveniently access and view all printed documents in chronological order per transaction.

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JD Edwards – the perfect solution for your industry!

JD Edwards – the perfect solution for your industry!

JD Edwards offers specialist solutions for a wide range of industries, including those listed below, where JD Edwards EnterpriseOne meets all the requirements of an international business: plant & mechanical engineering, automotive, construction, life sciences, chemicals & pharmaceuticals, retail & wholesale, consumer goods, food, high-tech, industrial production, oil & gas, utilities.

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