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Scalable ERP in just two months

OZG AG previously used software solutions which were unable to keep pace with the growth resulting from mergers. To standardize the solutions and, in particular, to handle the increasingly complex tasks more effectively, the business decided to build a new IT base. The primary goal was to introduce the new ERP solution within just two months. Boss Info took on this challenge and in a very short space of time delivered a fully customer-focused group solution with NetSuite, which offers all the specific country and business process functionality OZG could possibly want.

Loren Ching, Operations Manager at OZG AG

«In just two months, NetSuite and Boss Info solved our compliance issue and many other challenges too. All it takes is a few hours’ work with NetSuite each month for our manager, and we’re perfectly equipped to handle the challenges of the future.»

On course for success with NetSuite

The powerful, state-of-the-art ERP cloud solution offers an impressive range of features. It’s easy to use, and its flexible, customizable platforms mean it grows as SMEs grow – just like OZG. Role-based dashboards and monitoring reports ensure all aspects of the business can be managed in a fraction of the time previously required, and essential KPIs can always be viewed. “This allowed us to automate more of our business and streamline how we work, while reducing our risks at the same time,” explains Andreas Böckli from Boss Info. OZG particularly likes the fact that NetSuite combines CRM and ERP in one software program. From the initial contact, meetings and notes through to up-to-date quotes and invoices, all customer data are stored in a single solution. Key users can also create workflows to automate their business processes, which makes it quick and easy to give the relevant people access to the necessary processes.

Key features for OZG as a business

OZG’s retail business involves items listed in batches or bills of materials. NetSuite helps it meet these requirements, as well as all those that ensure seamless traceability. Framework agreements guarantee the required items can be supplied without needing to keep an unnecessarily high amount of stock. And last but not least, OZG loves the cross-warehouse visualization, which enables custom queries in dashboards to get the answers to any questions and helps OZG monitor how its business is progressing at all times.

About OZG AG

OZG AG was founded in 2011 through the merger of eight separate companies. Today, the business offers a wide range of products for the industrial sector and for the construction and healthcare industries. The aim is to provide solutions which offer the optimum support for customers looking to grow their business. As a partner for a wide range of sectors, OZG can offer its customers creative, honest and professional consulting and services, along with solutions that make procurement more efficient for customers while reducing their costs.


OZG AG, Niederhasli warehouse
OZG AG, Niederhasli warehouse / © OZG website
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