Modern wall and color design from Wirz
A versatile ERP for Wirz Tapeten

Holistic, efficient ERP system from the cloud

More time for core business thanks to automation

Every day, Wirz Tapeten is driven by its desire and vision for custom-designed walls. Wallpapers are modern and customized, so the ERP solution should be too. But the previous on-premises installation was unable to keep up with the business as it evolved, so Paul Borer’s team decided to implement a new business solution – including switching to a new solution partner.

Their attention was quickly drawn to Boss Info and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS. “Technological innovations offered by a modern cloud solution should lead to improved workflows,” said Paul Borer, reflecting on the decision-making process. “Our goal was to exploit the potential of modern standard software in order to streamline existing workflows.”

Paul Borer, Managing Director, Wirz Tapeten AG

«The new all-round solution ensures that I always have access to meaningful business data and content wherever I am. That’s a huge added value in day-to-day business, as it gives us maximum flexibility both at business meetings and at customers’ premises.»

Profitable combinations, high level of standardization, fast implementation

The powerful, state-of-the-art ERP solution with a role-based user interface based on Microsoft Office 365 has an impressive range of features. It’s easy to use integrate into existing systems and modern technologies such as Microsoft 365.

And Swiss transport and warehouse logistics company Planzer Holding AG has followed suit, allowing Wirz to outsource its logistics. Thanks to the high level of standardization in the SaaS basic package – combined with numerous automated processes – the ERP solution was implemented very quickly and cost-effectively at the customer’s premises.

What Wirz loves – the added value at a glance

The advantages of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 business software cloud solution are obvious. “The solution offers a comprehensive range of features, it’s reliable and it’s fast,” began Borer, who didn’t hesitate to run his business software on virtual cloud servers. Wirz has remained close to the standard, which is now paying off. “Thanks to the SaaS approach, the basic technology of the business software is always up-to-date,” he explained, as he no longer has to worry about maintaining or servicing his server infrastructure.

And an interface to the new online store now allows the data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS to be used: “There’s no more time-consuming and error-prone duplication, which greatly relieves the burden on office staff in particular and frees up valuable time for other tasks,” said Borer, emphasizing one of the main benefits of the new solution.

“Plus, we can offer our customers 24-hour access to current data and prices – a must-have nowadays.”

About Wirz – informal and agile

Wirz Tapeten AG, a Swiss SME specializing in modern wall and color design, offers a wide range of high-quality, attractive and well-known brands for wall design, decorative profiles and decorative wall colors. As a leading provider in this field, Wirz gives interior designers broad access to these leading international manufacturers. The company also lets their customers immerse themselves in a modern and versatile world of wallpaper and colors.

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