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Our payroll solution is now even more digital

Clever combination of Boss Info Stack solutions digitalizes filing cabinets

In Switzerland, employers are legally required to keep a personnel file for each employee. An immense collection of data is created over time, including application documents, employment contracts, the current job description, documentation of further training and insurance, and more. If these documents aren’t stored appropriately, it’s practically impossible for an employer to issue an interim reference, for example. This results in a large number of folders or filing cabinets bursting at the seams. The new features of bossSalary, our modern Swiss payroll solution for SMEs, address this exact issue by digitalizing filing cabinets with a minimum of fuss. The icing on the cake of the new bossSalary is the integration of the business intelligence solution bossBI, which enables quick and in-depth analysis of salary/wage expenses.

Digital personnel records – benefit from the clever combination of bossSalary and bossDMS

Integrating bossDMS into the bossSalary payroll solution opens up completely new possibilities, above all the ability to digitalize personnel records. “Once the documents have been scanned, HR managers have access to all of an employee’s documents directly from the payroll module,” explains Stefan Lepore, Payroll Specialist at Boss Info. The ‘DMS personnel file’ button lists the complete data collection of an employee with an appropriate structure. While each employee can only access their own data, of course, the HR department staff enjoy unlimited access to their now more digital filing cabinet. “And off course we have access from outside the office too,” says Lepore about the advantages of mobile use of the payroll solution. “The fact that this digitalization step also reduces our paper consumption and helps us protect the environment is definitely another benefit.”

Stefan Lepore, Boss Info Project Manager and Support

«The major advantage as an HR manager is that you always have the filing cabinet on hand with the DMS personnel file!»

Screenshots of digital personnel record in bossSalary

Visualize billed salaries/wages with business intelligence

The combination of bossSalary and bossBI – another solution from the Boss Info range (stack) – opens up new perspectives on wage expenses for HR and management and offers in-depth analysis options. Even before the payroll is booked by the Accounts department, it is possible to display which amount will soon be booked to which accounts and which cost center.

Comparisons of salaries/wages by employee groups

Effectively billed salaries/wages can be evaluated and visualized for each employee, cost center, salary/wage type or month in a variety of ways. You can also compare different employee groups, such as the number of employees per age group or salary/wage differences between genders. “Comparing the current payroll with that from previous months, which used to take a long time, is easy with bossSalary Cube,” explains Marco Fedeli, Business Intelligence Specialist and Team Leader.

Check and validate salary/wage variances directly

“With BI, all employees with salary/wage variances are displayed directly in a list, so they can be checked and validated in no time at all.” Fedeli says the forecast functionality, previously unavailable in this form, is something that particularly stands out: “For example, there’s a simple, automated way to create a forecast of the total payroll – taking into account future departures and arrivals as well as any stored workload or salary/wage changes. Forecasts also enable in-depth analyses of expected salary/wage items per cost center.”

Screenshots of business intelligence in bossSalary

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