JD Edwards software from Oracle–perfect support for a growth strategy

Consistent excellence for current and future business processes with JD Edwards ERP

Thommen-Furler AG’s rapid growth as a business, including company takeovers, expansions of business areas and new customers, made operations increasingly complex. In order to meet the current and future requirements of the core business, the company made a strategic decision to introduce new, scalable, state-of-the-art business software. The result speaks for itself: The Oracle JD Edwards ERP solution has given Thommen-Furler speed and flexibility as it grows and digitalizes its operations. The on-premise solution used at Thommen-Furler on a pure Oracle platform is enhanced with components such as Oracle hardware, the Oracle operating system, the Oracle database, Oracle Middleware and Oracle BI (OneView).

Franz Christ, CEO Thommen-Furler AG

«For us as a chemical distribution and disposal company, an ERP system that enables a quick and flexible response to the specific requirements of chemical and environmental legislation is crucial. With its technical and industry expertise, Boss Info gave us precise implementation of our processes focused on our goals, on-time commissioning and reliable support.»

On course for success with Oracle JD Edwards

Oracle JD Edwards offers a powerful, high-performance, fully integrated ERP and CRM software suite with over 80 application modules. The software addresses the need for a modern and simple user experience, and a key benefit is support for personalized applications–perfectly adapted to suit how users work.

Another plus point is the integration of digital technology: A company’s business processes can be made smarter, faster and more successful, which has the effect of significantly increasing staff productivity–and that has been Thommen-Furler’s experience. Continuously developed since 1977, Oracle JD Edwards runs either on premises or in a private, public or hybrid cloud.


What are the benefits of the solution for Thommen-Furler AG?

Thommen-Furler already offered a full range of industrial chemicals, and it has continued to add to it with a fast-growing range of chemical specialties and lubricants–an impressive demonstration of its increasing specialization.

Thanks to integrated transport logistics, Thommen-Furler now provides comprehensive supply and disposal services in all parts and language regions of Switzerland for around 14,000 customers from industry and the automotive sector.

About Thommen-Furler AG

Today’s Thommen-Furler AG began operations as a mineral oil trading company in 1923. Now employing around 290 people, since 1990 Thommen-Furler has specialized in its ChemCare® services for distribution of chemicals and lubricants, environmental technology, and disposal and recycling of industrial and hazardous waste.


Thommen-Furler – For reliable handling of chemicals, lubricants, industrial and hazardous wastes
Thommen-Furler – For reliable handling of chemicals, lubricants, industrial and hazardous wastes
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