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Quality is no coincidence: Boss Info believes in requirements engineering

Quality management for better project results

Why Boss Info believes in requirements engineering

There are many factors that can determine the success or failure of a project. In addition to the expertise of the participants, the resources and the project planning, a decisive factor is how the requirements are received and what the people involved understand by them.

With requirements engineering, Boss Info has established a clear requirements management process that makes the blind spots visible. Additional measures such as peer reviews and joint development of user stories and acceptance criteria promote understanding of what needs to be delivered. These prerequisites allow the software to be tested more thoroughly during the development phase, as everyone involved understand the stakeholder expectations.

What is requirements engineering?

Software documentation often boils down to a specification document, a requirements specification or a functional specification. In some cases, several versions of these documents are available and will be revised and supplemented during the project. As a result, requirements may be changed when transferred from one document to the next and end up contradicting each other, and the acceptance criteria may not be clearly defined. In fact, most errors in delivered software can be traced back to an inadequate specification.

We aim to prevent this with Boss Info requirements engineering. The system specification is managed in the development system from the outset and is available to everyone involved in the project. Modifications are entered in the system itself, and discussions that lead to modifications are logged. This specification is part of the order and is approved by the customer together with the acceptance criteria. Different levels are considered in the specification, ranging from general functionality to role-based use of the application.

How requirements engineering benefits you as a customer

As a customer, requirements engineering gives you direct added value. The specification is more clearly structured and contains your requirements as agreed with us, including acceptance criteria. As soon as the order is placed, what needs to be delivered is defined and ambiguities in the concept are cleared up. If you opt for an agile project approach, all information is already stored in the development system and can be used as a basis for sprint planning. The defined process of requirements engineering guarantees quality assurance in the system specification. The risk of assumptions is reduced significantly, but if modifications are made, they’re covered by the requirements engineering process and are incorporated into the system with the same quality.

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