Boss Info celebrates its birthday

A fantastic party to celebrate 25 years

Boss Info has every reason to celebrate this year, as our company has reached the grand old age of 25! Our amazing staff have played a vital part in reaching this milestone – each of them puts their heart and soul into creating valuable solutions and results every day.

Lots of laughter and smiling faces at the Farnern quiz

Boss Info held a special staff event to celebrate turning 25, and the setting couldn’t have been more fitting: the village of Farnern, the place where Boss Info was founded and still its headquarters, where a varied program with lots of fun and games was in store for the approximately 190 employees. In perfect weather, the specially created “Farnern Quiz” helped the participants find out more about the company and the place where it was founded – and at some of the stations, a good deal of skill and temperament were required.

Employees give feedback on Boss Info

Risotto, gelati and rock’n’roll sounds in peaceful Farnern

And there was also plenty of food. Whether a rustic brunch on the farm, self-prepared flame-grilled beef with tasty risotto, delicious vegetable burgers or a gelato from the ice cream truck, there was something for everyone. It was an exuberant atmosphere and a cozy get-together in the lovely surroundings of the bossRanch, with groovy live music from Danny & the Two Toms followed by the mesmerizing painting skills of Corinne Sutter .What initially appeared to be simply an entertaining doodle accompanying a varied review of the past 25 years, turned out at the end of Corinne’s performance to be a phenomenal portrait of Simon Boss, who was visibly moved.

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