Review of the year 2022
Boss Info looks to the future

Simon Boss looks back at 2022

2022 has undoubtedly been one of the most eventful years of the 21st century. In addition to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the Ukraine crisis is now causing special challenges worldwide too. It should be all the more interesting for you, dear readers, to find out how Simon Boss, CEO of Boss Info, saw and continues to see the trials and tribulations of 2022 from the perspective of an SME entrepreneur committed to a growth strategy.

In the 24 years of Boss Info’s existence, we have certainly never been confronted with a situation anything like the Ukraine crisis and the ongoing pandemic.

As a result of the war in Ukraine, energy prices have risen sharply, which has caused inflation in many countries and is putting major pressure on the economy. And all these factors will continue to have a lasting impact on global economic development. “At Boss Info, too, we’re challenged to take a stand on current issues and act accordingly,” says Simon Boss, who has faced numerous challenges since Boss Info was founded. In concrete terms, companies – and customers – are less willing to invest due to the macroeconomic situation. On the other hand, the acceptance of cloud services among SMEs has changed. “Individual developments and solutions are still widespread, but SMEs are increasingly recognizing the advantages of standardization, and therefore cloud solutions,” he explains. And a certain degree of uncertainty is also noticeable among employees. “In view of the current situation, I can absolutely understand the uncertainty surrounding people’s jobs or mortgages in the future,” he says. “So at Boss Info we’ve already discussed increasing salaries to offset inflation.”

When asked which challenges he has identified as particularly important for his company and its customers, the visionary entrepreneur responded with what at first glance is a somewhat surprising answer.

Simon Boss sees a major need for action in terms of communication. “The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated digital communication and home office options – that’s now normal, and it can undoubtedly be a good way to work. But it’s now clear that low on-site presence isn’t very effective in the long term.” Despite all the practical advantages, a lot of interpersonal relationships fall by the wayside. “Teams and Zoom calls aren’t enough and can’t replace valuable, personal contact,” he says, and he has backed up his conviction by making appropriate internal changes – without completely abandoning the home office option, of course. “Customers and partners also appreciate personal contact, as the consistently positive feedback after on-site events such as the Open Day in Langenthal or the bossFood ERFA conference has shown.”

Simon Boss views rapid technological development as another challenge. “Modern workplaces, data protection and cybersecurity are now highly advanced and pose extreme challenges. Zero Trust is a major issue, and the demands placed on our specialists are correspondingly high,” explained the Bernese native. “That means lifelong learning and modern technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), immersive reality (IR) and advancing robotization are more important than ever and are now regarded as standard.” This doesn’t just affect people working in the ICT industry, as customers also have to keep up with the new developments. “You have to do that in order to understand, for example, new services offered by Microsoft or Oracle, assess them and finally decide which course needs to be set for your SME and how,” he says, highlighting the importance of training at a time when the half-life of solutions is decreasing and everything is moving extremely dynamically and quickly.

The world of ICT and ERP has always undergone continuous and rapid change, so Simon Boss isn’t overawed by these challenges.

On the contrary, he is single-mindedly pursuing his vision of becoming the market leader for ERP and ICT in the German-speaking area of Switzerland, continuing to focus and sticking to his growth strategy. “It’s a well-known fact that every crisis represents an opportunity,” counters the Boss Info CEO and Chairman of the Board, who’s known for thinking and acting counter-cyclically, especially in situations like these. “The most important thing is the willingness to change and the ability to recognize the opportunities rather than the risks as a result of the change.” As an opportunity-seeker, he exploits rapid technological development by taking on a leading role with Boss Info wherever possible, as he has demonstrated with the increase in capital through issuing tokens. “The chance to take on a leading role is a privilege that goes hand in hand with advantages like the opportunity to help shape framework conditions.” He also sees major opportunities in agile transformation, the cloud, digitalization/automation and artificial intelligence (AI), which he wants to exploit. Doing so will inevitably require a large amount of initial and ongoing training in-house. “All these professional and personal training programs are costly and will have an impact on our results for 2022. But the investment will pay off as early as 2023,” says an optimistic Simon Boss, convinced that he has an excellent team by his side. So we have every reason to look forward to 2023

“At this point, I would like to pay tribute and say thank you to my entire team, our valued customers and our suppliers. They have all worked together and done everything they possibly could to maximize our performance, even in these challenging times. I look forward to working on lots more exciting projects in the new year,” concluded the CEO.

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