Women returning to work
Boss Info is an attractive employer for women returning to work.

Boss Info – an attractive employer 

Women returning to work

With over 300 specialists, Boss Info is committed to a common goal every day: to digitalize the business processes of SMEs, using innovative technologies with industry solutions, consulting, ICT solutions and services.

The proud “bosses” also include numerous female employees who have returned to work after maternity leave or a break and make a valuable contribution to the success of Boss Info in part-time or full-time positions. Boss Info is an employer with attractive conditions for people returning to work – the story of Alexandra Helbling, ERP Project Manager, explains why that is and illustrates what these conditions look like.

Dedicated ERP Project Manager on a part-time basis

Alexandra Helbling arbeitet seit 7,5 Jahren als Projektleiterin ERP .

Born in the Swiss town of Solothurn, Alexandra Helbling has worked as an ERP Project Manager (D365 BC) for seven and a half years. After completing her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and further training in IT and social security, she has everything she needs to continue her professional development. And in October 2021 she became the proud mommy of a little boy.

There was never any doubt that she would continue in her profession: “I really like my work at Boss Info, and like many of my female colleagues I wanted to continue working on exciting projects after maternity leave.” Of course, in order to commit fully to both motherhood and work, that required the right balance to be found. “Choosing my own path and balancing being a mom with having a career are very important to me,” said the likeable Project Manager, who shares her passion for hiking with her husband.

“My 60% workload gives me that personal balance, and I feel that I can work efficiently and focus on what I need to do – both professionally and personally.”

Alexandra Helbling, MS365 BC Project Manager at Boss Info

«In my work as ERP Senior Project Manager, I particularly appreciate the personal responsibility and variety. I constantly get new and exciting challenges, projects and customers. In particular, I find it fulfilling to simplify processes for my customers and to feel happy about what I’ve achieved together with them once projects are successfully implemented.»

On course for success thanks to flexibility

There’s no doubt that Alexandra’s success in balancing all her priorities is due to several factors. On the one hand, a well-structured home environment plays a central role. “I’m lucky that I can rely on my family and friends, even when I have to work at short notice,” she explains – she prepared her loved ones in advance and arranged childcare accordingly. Of course, Boss Info makes an equally important contribution to the success of her work model. As a forward-thinking employer, it offers ideal support and full flexibility for the part-time model and provides the key foundations for training and knowledge transfer. “All this allows me to work on a different day than planned or to take time off spontaneously,” she continues. And her team colleagues have had no trouble adjusting to her new role: “They’re all very considerate. They now know exactly when I can be reached and when a mommy’s day takes precedence.”

A win-win situation for everyone

It’s no coincidence that Boss Info challenges and promotes those returning to work just as much as their colleagues. After all, well-trained personnel are crucial in order to be successful on the market. “Experience has shown that young mothers and fathers are very loyal employees, often fulfill the required specialist skills perfectly, and are committed and focused,” says Michael Tomasoni, Head of HR at Boss Info, who’s always happy to welcome new “bosses”. 

Working at Boss Info: You have what it takes to be a “boss”!

Working at Boss Info: You have what it takes to be a “boss”!

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