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Yves-Alain Dufaux (left) and Simon Boss (right)
New operational responsibility of AG by Yves-Alain Dufaux

New CEO in operational management

Change at the top of Boss Info

Simon Boss has always been committed to a growth strategy. To be able to concentrate further on the strategic development of Boss Info, which now has 300 employees, the company founder and owner is handing over the operational management of AG to Yves-Alain Dufaux. This step is part of a meticulous plan, as you can see from the following comments by Simon Boss.

The 300-strong ICT service provider AG is appointing a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the beginning of spring. “Yves-Alain Dufaux, a highly esteemed personality from our own ranks will move to the top of Boss Info as of April 1, 2023,” says Simon Boss about the ERP specialist, who is very well known in the ICT market. For many years, Dufaux was responsible for the bossERP division (DE), which he originally founded, as a member of the Executive Board and the Board of Directors.

The 54-year-old from Berne succeeds Simon Boss, who is handing over operational management 25 years after the company was founded. “This is to concentrate fully on the business development of Boss Info in the future,” explains Simon Boss. As the majority shareholder, he will continue to hold the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors. This is in stark contrast to Yves-Alain Dufaux, who announced his immediate resignation from the Board of Directors at this year’s AGM of Boss Info in March 2023. The separation of the two functions is important for him.

Yves-Alain Dufaux, CEO AG

«I am very much looking forward to this challenge and am proud of the trust placed in me. I am well aware that I am following in big footsteps, but nevertheless, I am convinced that I can continue to write the success story together with the Boss Info team and also give the company new impetus as CEO.»

Boss Info’s management has been seriously preparing for the change at the top of the company over the past few years. “It is time to put the operational business in new hands. Yves-Alain Dufaux will hold the role of CEO with immediate effect,” explains Simon Boss. “The new leadership is of immense importance to Boss Info for further growth,” the visionary and company owner continues. “Yves-Alain Dufaux brings the necessary expertise to responsibly fulfil the role,” Simon Boss is convinced.

Responsibility over the bossERP division has already been handed over at the beginning of 2023. “With Marcel Mäusli, we have also found the ideal successor for the strategically important bossERP area,” says Simon Boss about the long-standing member of the bossERP team. “Marcel has also been intensively prepared for the new responsibility in recent months. The fact that he passed all the aptitude tests presented internally and externally with flying colors distinguishes him and confirms our assessment.”

Yves Alain-Dufaux on the importance of the CEO role for him, on the occasion of the Annual General Meeting 2023

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