Energie Service Biel/Bienne (ESB) is the leading energy service provider and water supplier in the Biel region
Energie Service Biel/Bienne (ESB) is the leading energy service provider and water supplier in the Biel region

Valo Digital Workplace connects people, processes and information 

Modern and flexible intranet solution for Energie Service Biel/Bienne

At Energie Service Biel/Bienne (ESB), the leading energy service provider and water supplier in the Biel region of Switzerland, communication and collaboration increasingly became a key issue: The existing intranet had reached the end of its product life cycle and was no longer able to meet the growing requirements of corporate communication. ESB wanted to solve this problem by introducing an innovative intranet.

The aim was to introduce a new, modern news platform based on SharePoint in order to effectively connect Microsoft Teams and other tools at the company and to continue to enhance collaboration in future. “In Boss Info, we have found an expert ICT service company anchored in our region with an ideal range of solutions for us,” says Luca Beuret, reflecting on the decision-making process. “They’re multilingual and they share our values, so Boss Info can give us the targeted support we need at all times.”

Luca Beuret, Online and Media Communication, Energie Service Biel/Bienne

«Collaboration with Boss Info was efficient and targeted at all times. Whether on-site meetings, a brief phone call, a discussion via the Teams chat or a video call are involved – thanks to a wide variety of options, every query can be dealt with the right way.»

Valo Digital Workplace – Innovative Intranet for Microsoft 365

The Valo Intranet package is fully integrated with Microsoft 365 and supports tried-and-trusted services such as Microsoft Teams, Power Platform and SharePoint. So the modern flexible collaboration solution enables the integration of virtual workspaces and enhances the standard intranet environment with important additional functional modules. “Thanks to the high degree of standardization of the Valo basic package – combined with numerous automated processes – the communication platform can be introduced very quickly at the customer’s site without the heavy burden of an implementation project on top of the internal organization’s basic operational workload,” explains Stefan Fries, Project Manager at Boss Info. “This meant we could introduce a smart, compact intranet at ESB within a short space of time – small but perfectly formed, and bilingual, as specified by ESB as a must-have criterion.”

Improved communication and collaboration

Company-wide branding and personal customization of the interface offer a high level of convenience and ensure that each solution is unique. The new, state-of-the-art intranet platform at ESB is very user-friendly and leaves nothing to be desired in terms of content. “Numerous news templates make it quick and easy for us to create content,” says a delighted Beuret about the practical news templates. And Valo Connect also ensures that business data and content can be accessed at all times wherever you are. “This is a huge added value in day-to-day business, as it allows maximum flexibility both at business meetings and when on construction sites,” he emphasizes. The icing on the cake of the solution is an additional feature implemented by Boss Info, which ensures that multilingual documents generated with the DeepL machine translation engine are automatically stored.

Energie Service Biel/Bienne – full of energy, today and tomorrow

ESB is the leading energy service provider and water supplier in the Biel region. The company uses its skills and knowledge effectively, with a clear focus on its customers. ESB believes in sustainable energy production and energy efficiency, and actively contributes to the future of energy. The video “Full of energy – today and tomorrow” (DE) from ESB is an impressive demonstration of the numerous aspects involved in energy production.


Headquarters Energie Service Biel/Bienne
Headquarters Energie Service Biel/Bienne
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