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Value Add-on Solution Swiss Localization

About the Add-on

Boss Info extends NetSuite with the Oracle Value Add-on Solution Swiss Localization, which includes a number of adaptations to Swiss legal requirements and special features.

In addition, Boss Info offers further industry-independent solutions and integrations such as automation of supplier invoice for payment, integration to audit-proof archive (bossDMS), integration payroll Switzerland (bossSalary), ecosio EDI Adapter and others – all completely developed in and for NetSuite.

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Requirements and functionality

5 centime rounding

  • When creating an invoice, the final amount in Swiss francs is rounded to 5 centimes. The difference is posted in VAT. Boss Info has also developed a solution in case there is no VAT.
  • The 5 centime rounding is done on the invoice printout as well as on the corresponding entries.

QR code printing

  • During invoice creation, the payment slip, the QR code or both can be printed optionally. The QR code is printed according to ISO20022 specifications.
  • The QR can be generated with Swiss reference number and QR-IBAN. Alternatively with SCOR and normal IBAN.

QR deposit slip credit entry

  • Boss Info has added its own solution to the Bill Entry program in NetSuite. The deposit slip (or the QR code) can be captured in advance, e.g. with a hand scanner.
  • All values from the QR code are read out and a direct address identification by means of tax ID, IBAN or address takes place.
  • In addition, the posting lines of the last invoice can be suggested. With this process, the accounts payable department can work very efficiently according to the Swiss method.
  • This function is available for vendor invoices with and without purchase order reference.

Create Swiss payment file

With the Swiss localization of Boss Info, electronic payment files can be automatically created for normal bank payments and for payments with reference line. (ISO 20022).

Prerequisite: The NetSuite bundle Advanced Electronic Bank Payment is a prerequisite.

VAT Report

This Boss Info solution includes a VAT report by period. The default report by posting date is not correct for Switzerland if the period is changed manually.

VAT Validation

The Boss Info solution includes a VAT validation. This is a reconciliation between the general ledger accounts and the VAT report.

Additional Value Add-on Module – Dunning Letter

This Boss Info solution includes a module for step-by-step dunning with email dispatch, control of the output languages of the forms, workflow, a dashboard and dunning locks.

VAT Flat-tax

The solution for balance taxation meets the legal requirements. This means that the invoice is shown with normal VAT, the VAT is booked as turnover. The balance taxation is then posted and reported as a corresponding expense.

Additional Value Add-on Module – Class, Location and Department by account

This Boss Info solution allows to define the default per account in which dimensions (Class, Location, Department) are mandatory entries and thus helps to avoid incorrect entries. Different defaults per client/subsidiary can be defined.

Customer Benefit / Value Added

  • With the Oracle Value Add-on Swiss Localization you complement NetSuite to meet the legal requirements in your Swiss branch and to improve the workflows.
  • Swiss Localization is also integrated into the Oracle Value Add-on Scan & Doc solution. Here, the process of supplier invoicing through to payment is completely automated (see Data Sheet Scan & Doc).
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