About the Add-on

With the Oracle Value Add-on Solution Excel Add-in and a previously created IoT configuration in IoT Orchestrator Studio, data can be easily imported from Excel to JDE. Configuration Manager can be used to run, create, edit or delete configurations. Laborious manual data transfers from Excel are shortened to a few minutes. For recurring data transfers templates can be saved and reused.

Requirements and functionality

The implementation of the Oracle Value Add-on Solution Excel add-in takes place within a few days by an integration partner. When creating a new configuration, there are different “modes”. Modes determine the behavior of the import. Some modes work bi-directionally and play data back into an Excel. Once a new configuration has been created, you can use it. To do this you have to mark in Excel all lines for which the configuration should be executed. Afterwards a configuration can be selected in the configuration manager and executed by the button “Run”. The Excel Add-in saves all configurations in the form of XML files in the user profile. By copying these XML files, configurations can be copied to other devices and/or deployed.

Customer benefits / value added

Labor costs generated by manually adding data from Excel to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is reduced to a minimum with the Oracle Value Add-on Solution Excel Add-in. Recurring transfers can be saved and re-executed at any time. Bidirectional communication and data transfer from Excel and JD Edwards is also possible which significantly reduces manual effort.

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