Boss Info achieves CMTA certification

Another important milestone

Boss Info achieves CMTA certification

As early as Fall 2021, Boss Info demonstrated its pioneering spirit when it became one of the first Swiss SMEs to successfully complete a “digital flotation.” By achieving CMTA certification, Boss Info has now successfully adopted a high standard – once again becoming one of the first companies in Switzerland to do so. “CMTA certification is another important step in our strategy,” explains Simon Boss, CEO of Boss Info. “This standardization, which we have achieved by becoming CMTA-certified, is crucial if our Boss Info tokens are to be traded on well-known digital marketplaces in future.”


CMTA certification inspires confidence in investors and business partners

The CMTA certificate indicates that the holder has successfully followed and implemented the standards defined by the Association ( Investors and business partners can be confident that Boss Info shares, in accordance with Swiss law, have been tokenized both securely and in line with the highest technical industry standards.

About CMTA as a committee

CMTA is an independent association founded by leading players from the Swiss finance, technology, and legal sectors with a view to setting common standards for the issuing, marketing, and trading of securities in the form of tokens using distributed ledger technology.
CMTA establishes standards for the tokenization of securities, in particular shares, and provides certification to the issues that use its standards to tokenize their securities.

Important partners help deliver success

Boss Info has been assisted by two major partners, both on the journey to CMTA certification and with amendments to its articles of incorporation. Technology partner mt Pelerin ( was significantly involved in technical studies and providing technology, while Lenz & Staehelin ( was on hand to verify the legal aspects of these. “I would like to sincerely thank both partners and CMTA for being so pleasant to work with and for their help in driving forward this pioneering project,” sums up Simon Boss.

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