Bataillard Workflow Digitalisation
Electronic visualization workflow for Bataillard creates efficiency and transparency

Digital accounts payable workflow made easy

Electronic visualization workflow bossApproval ensures efficiency and transparency

The core values of the Bataillard brand express what the renowned family business has stood for over four centuries: passion, vision and customer focus. With great sensitivity, vision and business acumen, the Bataillard team of around 120 employees caters daily to the needs of discerning clients – with great success.

And Bataillard is just as committed to facing current and future challenges in the wine trade, especially the digital transformation. With the ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV (DE), the renowned Swiss wine merchant, which is still family-owned, has successfully set both economic and ecological standards for a number of years. Standards which Bataillard upholds even in the automation of invoice receipt processes: The company makes the most of the Boss Info Stack range, meeting its digitalization requirements with the accounts payable workflow solution bossApproval (DE).

“Manually processing over 15,000 supplier/vendor invoices annually with their long throughput times was time-consuming and costly. The frontline staff and the Accounts department team worked flat out to process the numerous invoices correctly and to settle them within a reasonable period of time. But payments were still delayed, and discount periods elapsed unused. Ultimately, that’s why we introduced automated processing with bossE-Approval”, explains Beat Wigger, Head of IT at Bataillard AG.

Beat Wigger, Head of IT, Bataillard AG

«bossApproval is one of the best things that Bataillard has introduced in recent years. Our accounts payable invoices are now processed in no time at all, stored digitally and can be viewed at any time via the vendor. And another benefit I’m especially pleased about is that this digitalization step has also reduced our paper consumption, which helps the environment.»

bossApproval – explained step by step

Seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics NAV, bossApproval’s electronic visualization workflow ensures efficiency and transparency when processing supplier invoices:

The paper invoices are scanned with the DocProStar scan client, and the header data of the invoice is extracted using OCR. The DocProStar (DE) software automatically validates the detected data, and any erroneous data is identified in the automatic follow-up check. After validation, the invoices are automatically archived in the dg archive (DE) in a legally compliant and audit-proof manner.

The electronically stored invoices or credit notes to be viewed are now sent automatically via bossE-Approval to the relevant person authorized to view them in the approval cockpit. The forwarding to two employees (dual control) is fully automated according to individually configurable criteria.

This keeps the approval process flowing and ensures everyone always knows which document is pending approval by whom, while the dual control principle gives additional peace of mind.

The advantages of the cleverly combined software package speak for themselves

bossApproval is intuitive to use, reliable and fast thanks to its seamless integration into Microsoft Dynamics NAV (or BC). “bossApproval hugely eased the workload for the Accounts department, and processing times were significantly reduced.

Colleagues are always in the picture about the accounts payable workflow, which for example allows them to plan the liquidity of the company better,” emphasized Beat Wigger, who already sees further opportunities for optimization after only a few months of use: “The solution has lots of potential, and we want to use this to further reduce our routine workload.”

Bataillard AG – A vision for wine

Bataillard AG – A vision for wine

It’s hard to believe, but it’s a proven fact: The foundations for today’s Bataillard company were laid over 400 years ago. As the family has always had to face new challenges and develop continuously over four centuries, a pioneering spirit, capacity for innovation and belief in the future have shaped the company since its beginnings. Bataillard remains family-owned, and not only has it grown into a renowned Swiss wine merchant – it has also matured into a company that sets standards in terms of services and in terms of their understanding of partnership. So suppliers and specialist retailers benefit from Bataillard’s well-thought-out services, such as its leading expertise in brand management in Switzerland, while employees and apprentices enjoy an appreciative working environment, exciting challenges and encouraging career prospects. After all, the company – together with all its partners – wants to continue writing the Bataillard story for a long time to come.

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