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It’s worth taking part in this competition because there are great prizes to win. We are going to give away 3 vouchers from BRACK:

  1. BRACK voucher of CHF 500.-
  2. BRACK voucher of CHF 300.-
  3. BRACK voucher of CHF 200.-


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Answer this question to win:

How many Boss Info sites are there in Switzerland?

Answer the competition question correctly and complete the entry form below by 16 April 2023 at the latest.

Only one application for the competition is permitted per participant. The winners will be randomly chosen, and contacted directly by Boss Info after the competition is over. Prizes cannot be paid in cash. There will be no other correspondence in relation to the competition. Legal action and cash payment are excluded. 

Working at Boss Info: You have what it takes to be a boss!

Working at Boss Info: You have what it takes to be a boss!

Learn firsthand what it means to be a boss and why our staff feel comfortable in our team.

Be boss in your business

Start your career at Boss Info

Working at Boss Info means one thing in particular: exciting projects with lots of personal responsibility and creative freedom, and an inspiring team culture.

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