Hardly any other business process offers as much optimization and savings potential as capturing and processing incoming invoices. Tedious, time-consuming and often incorrect data is entered and posted manually. Several employees are usually involved in capturing, checking and releasing the invoices. If one employee is absent, the invoices simply remain unprocessed – usually already in the specialist departments.

Furthermore, in decentralized organizations, it often takes several days or weeks until individual transactions can be recorded and booked in the administration. At this point it is usually too late to deduct any discounts. Another weak point is the lack of transparency of the entire processing procedure.

There are no limits to the possible applications.

  • IKS audit-proof control processes
  • Incoming mail processing
  • Invoice receipt processing
  • Application processing (e.g. credit, leasing)
  • Contract Management
  • Help desk applications
  • Supply Management
  • HR processes (e.g. entry, qualification)
  • Approval and licensing procedures
  • Quality Management
  • Sales optimization
  • Delivery note processing
  • Event Management

You gain transparency, streamline processes, drastically reduce costs and relieve employees of tiresome routine work, while meeting legal requirements.

  • Significant cost reductions
  • Well documented business processes which are traceable at all times
  • Tight and efficient business processes
  • Simpler workflows for your employees
  • Company-specific mapping of processes using SOA (service-oriented architecture)
  • Tailored control processes (ICS)
  • Audit supporting processes
  • Manipulation and error minimization
  • Time and cost measurement in administrative processes
  • Shorter reaction times for mapping legal compliance

With the BPM Suite for Automated Invoice Processing, you can streamline and automate the entire process – from automated document capture, paperless distribution, processing and posting of relevant invoice data to payment approval. All processes are centrally initiated, controlled and monitored. Therefore, the user is always informed about every single process in real time! No more manual data capture.

All necessary functions – from scanning to the presentation of data in ERP and workflow systems – are already included.

The relevant data such as invoice recipient, invoice date, invoice number, vendor, net amounts, VAT amounts, gross amounts, delivery costs and complete item tables are automatically extracted and checked for consistency, completeness and correctness.

Invoice receipt processing (accounts payable workflow)